Second Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Writing (CL&W 2012):
Linguistic and Cognitive Aspects of
Document Creation and Document Engineering
CL&W 2012 > Topics


Topics of interest for this workshop include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Resources and tools to assist or support the creation of natural-language texts and documents
  • Algorithms and techniques for authoring aids
  • Supporting the authoring of multilingual, multimedia, and adaptive documents
  • Interplay of cognitive processes, cognitive resources, and writing tools
  • Observation of writing in natural settings and insights for improving authoring tools
  • Experimental studies pertinent to writing tools
  • User interface and HCI issues in current and future writing and document processing tools
  • Predictive editing methods
  • Authoring tools for less-resourced languages
  • Evaluation of tools and resources