Second Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Writing (CL&W 2012):
Linguistic and Cognitive Aspects of
Document Creation and Document Engineering
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This is a half-day workshop, starting after lunch.

We will have session with talks from computational linguistics and from writing research and a plenary discussion.  The time slot for each talk will be 25 minutes, including discussion. During breaks participants of CL&W 2012 can meet with participants of other workshops at EACL 2012.

The workshop will end with a discussion intended to combine views from computational linguistics and writing research, to identify future directions for research, and to stimulate interdisciplinary networking and cooperation between writing researchers and computational linguists.

Preliminary schedule (see the list of accepted papers for abstracts):

  • 14:00 Opening
  • 14:15 Session 1 (3 talks)
    • From character to word level: Enabling the linguistic analyses of Inputlog process data [slides]
      (Mariëlle Leijten, Lieve Macken, Veronique Hoste, Eric Van Horenbeeck and Luuk Van Waes)
    • From Drafting Guideline to Error Detection: Automating Style Checking for Legislative Texts [slides]
      (Stefan Höfler and Kyoko Sugisaki)
    • Aggregated Assessment and “Objectivity 2.0” [slides]
      (Joe Moxley)
  • 15:30 Coffee Break
  • 16:00 Session 2 (3 talks)
    • Google Books N-gram Corpus used as a Grammar Checker
      (Rogelio Nazar and Irene Renau)
    • LELIE: A Tool Dedicated to Procedure and Requirement Authoring [slides]
      (Camille Albert, Flore Barcellini, Corinne Grosse and Patrick Saint-Dizier)
    • Focus Group on Computer Tools Used for Professional Writing and Preliminary Evaluation of LinguisTech [slides]
      (Marie-Josée Goulet and Annie Duplessis)
  • 17:30 Discussion and Closing
  • 19:00 Informal post-workshop dinner in a restaurant on Place d'Horloge