Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Writing: Writing Processes and Authoring Aids
CL&W 2010

CL&W 2010

CL&W 2010 took place on June 6, 2001.  The workshop proceedings are published in the ACL Anthology and are freely available.

News: CL&W 2012 will take place at EACL 2012 in Avignon, France.
We will add a link to the CL&W 2012 site soon.

Post-Workshop Information

We would like to thank the authors, our program committee, and workshop attendees for helping make CL&W 2010 a success. Slides for the talks can be downloaded from the Program page.  The papers can be found in the workshop proceedings published in the ACL Anthology.

Workshop Description

The Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Writing (CL&W 2010) aims to provide an overview of current developments in the area of computational linguistics for authoring aids, and an overview of recent advances in writing research.   We are interested in research that explores writing processes and text production, as well as in actual systems that support writers.  We aim to bring together researchers from both communities, to identify areas where computational linguistics and writing research could benefit from each other and to stimulate discussion and interdisciplinary cooperation between these two areas of research.

Submissions are invited for full papers and short papers.  See the list of topics for more information. 

The workshop took place on June 6, 2001 at NAACL HLT 2010 in Los Angeles, USA.  See the local information for more information about the venue.